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Today was the first time i worked out in the gym in a long time. I made myself get up, and i walked over to the gym at around 8:00. It’s nice going to the gym at 8:00 am, because there aren’t as many people there. So i don’t have to worry too much about having no room to work out. So i was there, and there were some people. If I had gone at 7:00 am.. There would have been nobody there.

So in the gym. I use the lats pulldown. I think i’ve become stronger then last year, beucase i was doing 80 pounds, while last quarter i was around 60-70. I think those pushups i have been doing have been doing the trick. Currently at 4 sets of 20. I want to get to the jacke chan of. 6 sets of 20 a day. That will keep me fit. I then went to do the chest machine. And my chest is weak. I can only do 40 pounds. I then did 25 bicep curls. Then i worked my forearms out with bar lift. I have to keep track of what i do, or else i’ll never push myself. I think i’ll try doing some running tomorrow. More likely i’ll end up playing ball.

Fortran class wasn’t that exciting. While the teacher talked. I was working on my card game. It took me forever becuase i couldn’t figure out what was wrong with hte program. The problem was cuased becuase i made a function. And the variable i wanted the function to output wasn’t specified. So it kept on saying it wasn’t working. I didn’t realize it until the end. =(. So i didn’t do much in class.

Yesterday in the grill room. There weren’t that many people. So i didn’t have much to do. So i was joking around with Chef Rick. So anyways. I had just put some fries into the oil, and i was rolling up the bag to shoot it. And i said ” watch this”. And asdf, I flicked with no power. Just moved my wrist, and the rolled up paper bag only went 2 feet. I was so embarassed. Then rick had to show me the replay of it. I tried to redeem myself, with a 20 foot shot, but i hit the front of hte bin, and missed it by 6 inches.

My arms feel really heavy. Too heavy.

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