i am blind like a rat

well, not that blind. But my eyes are deceiving me. I was taking the statics quiz, and somehow, i thought i saw 2 parallel lines intersect. I don’t know how, but i did. Magically, they intersected at a point. ASDF, i can’t believe. It’s not as bad as when vinesh told me that he thought he saw a monkey. When i was showing him the link on my site. The drums upthere. He thought it was a monkey and a female. Hahahahah.

I somehow pulled myself out of bed today. It was magical. I think i need to close my eyes for 5 minutes. And let my mind restart itself. And read the newspaper adn the same time.


3-d requires brain power

i’m out of that right now. So i know i must have been working hard. I had 3-d integrals taht i had to set up for the math test, and statics.

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