Hawaii Day 2023 (3-4)

On Friday, we went and checked out Iolani Museum. It is a very beautiful museum, but it has a lot of sad history to it. It was where the princess of Hawaii was held hostage when Hawaii was trying to reassert their freedom.

We really wanted to see this place because it is a very beautiful looking palace, even though it had a really sad background story to it. We used an audio tour device to listen to the different things each room represented.

Here are some pictures of the queen’s dresses and clothing. What I always wondered is how US Presidents and Generals would be able to withstand the humidity and heat in their long suits and clothing, when you see all the hawaiian people in more loose fitting/more breathable material. I can not imagine what it must have felt like if you were a woman and had to wear a long ball room gown, instead of a skirt.

The saddest part of the trip was the prison room where the princess who tried to get hawaii’s independence from US got held house prison here. Her uprising was squashed, and this was a quilt she made while stuck in her house.

The best thing about hawaii are the food trucks. So we always went to food trucks when we could to try all their lunch boxes. For dinner we found a fish food truck, and had delicious fish and shrimp.

The next day, we had a random baby family day. So Albert and Jenny did their own thing that day (I think they went surfing early in the morning and then they went hiking later in the day) While we took Naomi to the beach and aquarium. We went to waikiki beach and the one nice thing about the waters is that it is 4 feet all the way up to the rock wall. So a good 100 yards deep into the ocean.

We tried to play with naomi in the water. But she was still a little scared, especially when the waves came rolling in at her feet. We did end up building a beautiful sand lagoon for her to play in, so that she could have a puddle of water, and not have to worry about the waves.

To try to cool off during the middle of the day we ended up at a tiny aquarium. They had a nice deep sea fish exhibit area that had air conditioning. So while Naomi was sleeping, we would go around looking at all the deep sea animals. My favorite are always going to be jelly fish, especially the ones that you can only see with ultraviolet light.

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