Hawaii Day 5,6, and Flight Home

We went to kualoa ranch to do the movie studio tour. We got there early, so Naomi had a lot of time to walk around and play with the chickens on their farm. It was a nice switch up from being in the city, and going out into a more nature filled area.

The tour we took was the movie studios tour. When going on the ride, I found it very interesting how many different movies were filmed in the same area. It makes so much sense why i feel like the look for all the tropical places in movies especially in jurassic park, and king kong seem to be on a similar tropical island. And also the tv show Lost.

Us chilling in the bus. The funniest story was how the tour bus driver asked us where we were from and Sherri said California, SF. Then the lady knew she must have been filipino, because she asked if we were from Daly City, Vacaville, or Union City. Hahaha. I enjoyed the bus tour, it was the right length, and gave us a good view of what a movie plot on hawaii looks like.

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail – Sometimes when I read tripadvisor for information about a place, I wish they had more information about the people who wrote the comments, like their activity level. There were a couple comments who said this 1.5 mile hike was too hard for a stroller, and others saying it was not bad. From my perspective, when I was hiking the trail, I saw people pushing strollers up and down the hike. I think baby wearing Naomi made it harder than a stroller because I was overheating. I would say that I went at 75% of my normal speed because of the baby weight, to do the whole hike in 70 minutes total (We spent around 20 minutes resting at the lighthouse). I did need to lay down for a minute to stretch out my back after baby wearing her all the way up. My back just got really stiff from holding her.

Then we had to try some masaladas. Which is a thinner donut, I love the one that was filled with just the regular creme brulee.

We also tried the place with the best most traditional mochi. It is in a small warehouse, the inside was really only one countertop with a lot of different types of mochi. I ended up getting a box of variety mochi. Then for lunch we tried this place called “Str’eats of Aloha”, this was the place we tried to eat on the first day, but we could not find the food truck. It is in an industrial area, and closes at 2pm, so most of the customers are construction/workers nearby. The food was shown on a Hawaii good eats magazine, and what I ordered was really good (honey walnut chicken katsu). The other item that we noticed especially our friend Jenny was how the hawaiian king roll tastes so much better in hawaii.

Then we ended the day with another beach day. To enjoy the last beach weather before we went back home.

For dinner I found this interesting katsu placed called Nana Ai Katsu. They make a layered katsu using iberico ham or berkshire ham. I think they must have layered around 8 layers of ham, so it kind of has a texture of eating roast beef sandwich. But it is breaded and fried like a katsu. The baby didn’t really like katsu, but loved the takoyaki as you can see in the picture above.

As for the flight back to the SF, it was a very good and uneventful flight. Unlike the last time we went, when Naomi had a blowout on the plane.

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