i want to start a band

really, i’m not kidding. I was just listening to relient k. And they have inspired me to start a band. So currently, vinesh and I are the only members in the band. So we have guitar/keyboard, guitar. So we are going to go without a drummer, and have a drum machine. Once we write some songs. We have decided to play alternative rock, like oasis, and weezer. If i make some good songs i send them to you. but if i don’t make good songs, i’ll still send them to you.

Lalallallalallalalalalal goes the lollipop until it gets it stick pulled out of it.

I have a blister from a slab of meat that was really hot, and landed on my knuckle. It stuck there.

I’m going to be the warrior.



hmm, i had one of the best sleep i’ve had in a while. I woke up at 6:30, and thgout my clock was wrong, becuase i was awake at 6:30. So i went back to sleep, and i woke up again at 7:30, but it felt like i had slept for 4 hours in that 1 hour period.

I was really lucky today when i signed up for classes, I got all my classes that I wanted. I even got physics 133. All the classes for physics 133 were closed the day before. Today, i was having so much trouble siginng up for my classes online,because the mainframe kept on rejecting me. I forgot what my password was, but i even tually figrued it out. Then, after all the work, i had put in the wrong times for some of my classes, so i went back to chagne my classes, and then i came upon physics, and saw that there was one opening in physics, so i got it. I was so happy.

Now i’m bumming around, i should be working, but i’ve lost my will to work. =(

Life is like a hurricane.

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