time to step up

Its the next round of midterms this week. And I haven’t really had a chance to study, but I think I know this material, because I can do the homework. Anyways, I had a very busy weekend.

On Saturday, I woke up early and got my red safety badge to use the hanger tools. It was a really easy safety test, you just have to make sure you are safe, and remember some of the things that the technician says. And the student technician was trying to help us out by telling us things that would be on the test. It was 60 multiple choice, short answer questions. I’ve waited 3 years before I took this test.

So the first thing I do after I pass the test, is help out with the facing of the foam. So I was watching DAvid as he drew the square in autocad, transported it to artcad, and then into the proshop program. Then we brought it to the computer next to the machine. Then I learned how to move the computer controlled cutting device. The program did most of the work, I just made sure i zeroed the drill. Here’s a linke to the hanger’s webcam. webcam to hanger I was working in the back of the hanger, i think its position 5.

I got really dusty after all that work, some foam got into my mouth, it was nasty tasting. And then I went to play softball after that, with my hair full of dirt and dust. But it was really fun playing softball, except for when I had to run after the balls. I was playing center field, and two of the girls on our team played in the other outfield positions. And they aren’t that good, so I have to run and back them up because 90% of the time the ball bounces right past them. So I ran a lot.

Today, I worked on my heat transfer project. We went to this one hardware store, it was very intersting. They serve popcorn in there also, so we had our bag of popcorn as we walked through this all purpose hardware store looking for our pipes. We then picked up some styrofoam from their trashcan to use as insulation for our piping. Styrofoam makes a really big mess when you cut and pull it apart. I ended with a lot of styrofoam stuck to my body and hands as I was making a nice circular pocket in the foam for our PVC pipe.

Now its time to do a lot of homework and studying

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