Monterey Bay with the Baby

Enjoying dinner on the pier

We took the baby out to monterey for one of our first long vacation with the baby away from home. We thought it would be nice to leave the house after being home for most of the time during the first 2 months of her life. It would also be a great way for us to see what it is like to travel with her, and figure out what type of personality she will have.

Dinner in monterey

We drove down on monday, and arrived at our hotel around 4:00pm. We then proceeded to go to downtown and just walked around looking for a restaurant to eat in. All the restaurants there are “family friendly”, but you have to leave your stroller at the front. We ended up at “Lalla Grill”, and their food is a fusion of mexican/american. The dinner was very nice, and the kid did not cry at all while sitting in our lap. I think Naomi is going to be really good on trips.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I forgot how busy the aquarium is, especially with all the kids running around. Here are some of my items and thoughts from the aquarium.

  • There was an old couple, and the lady saw our baby and said “that is the smallest/youngest baby at the aquarium”. She stared at our baby so intently.
  • I love jellyfishes, they look so cool especially the bright red colors versus the black background.
  • The coolest part of the aquarium is the penguins, I just love sitting in that area when it was so hot in the aquarium.
  • The baby slept through the whole entire aquarium
  • There were really cool squid hand drawings that Sherri loved

I love the huge fishes

My favorite Jellyfishes
Hand drawn squids
Sweet kelp , with a sleeping baby.

After Monterey Bay Aquarium, we went back to our room to take a nap before going out for dinner. We ended up eating on the old monterey pier at Sandbar & Grill. The fish was delicious and the food was much better than the mexican/american fusion food we ate near the monterey bay aquarium. Naomi was in such a good mood that night, she mostly slept while in the ergo, while we ate.

The next day, we tried Aliotti’s Victorian Corner Restaurant, because it is in an antique looking house. The restaurant was pretty inside, and everyone we saw in there was really nice. There was a group of old people next to us, i think her name was dottie, or something like that. She loved Naomi, and whatever Sherri said to her, she told that to her friends. My favorite moment was how Naomi was smiling at everyone, and she made some noise, and then immediately closed her eyes and fell asleep. It was so cute and funny.

We then finished the rest of the day in carmel, walking around downtown, going for a quick walk around the beach, and then ending up at the Carmel Mission.

In front of one of the fun shaped houses

Taking a picture with Naomi at the Carmel By the Sea sign

A bookstore had this cute little alleyway that went to a hidden book reading nook, very cute
Carmel Mission

This was our first road trip with the baby, and it seemed to be a very successful trip. Here are a couple more things I wanted to list:

  • The baby talks a lot when we are trying to sleep, it is super funny hearing her babble while Sherri and I are trying to talk.
  • Carmel Mission is really old, and has one room that is still kept in around for us to see what it looked like 100 years ago.
  • Bought a really beautiful mechanical book from the antique store
  • the antique store also looked really lovely, the 2nd floor was mostly a perimeter thin walkway with items in it.
  • Tried boba made by a food truck guy who was hand mixing the drink. Took him 15 minutes to make our boba! It tasted grainy, and not that great.
  • Random old people love coming up saying how beautiful our baby is.
  • Monterey is cold, so without the sun, the hotel swimming pool is really cold and not enjoyable.

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