what great timing

I know who is lucky, Arthur is one lucky guy. Today was friday, and I don’t have intermediate dynamics on friday so I decided to go to earlier section of Design Class which was one hour earlier at 1:00pm. That class was filled up with so many people from the 2nd section, that when i walked by the 2nd class I only saw 6 people inside.

Back to Arthur, so I had finished my design class, and was planning on going to me lab 13-107 to work on my solid works for design. So I get into the lab and run into Arthur. And there he is with his lab partner trying to work on their matlab project due in 45 minutes. And they were stuck and desparately in trouble. I had finished my matlab project yesterday, so I knew what to do, and we got it to work with around 25 minutes left, and they were able to write their lab report. =). Now Arthur says he’s treating me at Applebee’s after AACF. *just have to help my fellow mechanical engineer*

My professor yong is always busy, he doesn’t even open his office door during his office hours. I was standing in front of the door with Jason waiting for him to come to his office, and I think after we waited 15 minutes we knocked on the door, and he opens the door.

Then I walked up to hte hanger, and was playing around with the foam, because I don’t have not taken my red badge safety test.

Finally, last night I was sititng in the living room talking to my other roommates. Then we were trying to get our roommate who lives in the closet to do a pullup. And that guy is really out of shape because he was not able ot do one. But we will make him do one by the end of the quarter because he talks aobut how he is out of shape.

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