All I can think about now whenever I do engineering homework is some singapore engineer biting at my foot. So I have decided to put more effort into design.

Anyways, I was talking to Jason and we were talking about how its really hard to answer easy questions if you are given it right on the spot by a teacher. Unless you are expecting it, you usually stumble over yourself if you aren’t ready. Even if it was an easy thing like what is 5% of 1000.

Tomorrow, I will see if my prayer is answered. I pray that my bills are lying in my teachers office right on the chair. Else, I will have no idea where my ready to mail bills are. And I notice my design teacher doesn’t check his e-mail when he’s not on campus. Because he has not responded since wednesday. He’s not on campus on thursday, so friday will be the day I visit him in his office. Also, I have a question to ask him. But now, I’m not totally lost. I just have an ending question to ask, so if I fail at this question. I will have to kick my own butt.

I called the post office, and we got our key in. Yesterday, my roommate had gone to pick up the key, but they didn’t have it there. And I called today to see if it was there, because we would have hated to have someone take our key from the post office.

Lastly, between my roommate and I, we found out that we didn’t have the two important things “bengay”, and a pair of scissors. Yesterday, I had to cut some paper, and because i didn’t have scissors, I had to rip it with my hands so i had very badly shaped paper. Then the bengay would have be good also, because you never know when you will strain a muscle. Which i do often, because I play with the intensity of two players.

Finally, for supermileage. I’ve been thinking of ways to keep myself cool. But I couldn’t figure out anyway, so i’m trying the opposite and seeing how long i can stay in hot weather. So I’ve been practicing while i have been cooking at the cafeteria. I would keep my arms over the heat a little longer. I made stuffing for the chicken today. And I’m not that good at sauteeing. I was flipping the ingredients and i lauched an artichoke heart into my self. I need to go back and practice with the piece of bread.

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