stupid computer


That’s what i’m saying to my computer right now. My computer has gone cuckoo. It flew over the cuckcoo’s nest. So first my computer has something wrong with the taskbar, and i can’t see my network. So i decided to open a restore point. I did, but it would not restore. I was just stuck on the page.

So i decided to be savvy. So i did a full restore, without taking deleting all my programs. I did that. So my computer went all the way back to it’s original configuration. That was good. I saw the registration and tried to finish it. So i press the finish button on and the computer just worked. But the screen did not change, I waited. I did it 3 times, at night. Then i gave up at 10:00pm.

So i woke up today in the morning, thinking, maybe God fixed my computer while i was sleeping. Or maybe i fixed it while i was sleeping. So i go to the computer, and it did the same thing. Then it occurred to me, maybe i should wait longer then 20 minutes. Becuase it must be restoring my old files, trying to be patient i let it work, so i went to my statics class, and my physics lab.

I came back to my room, excited, beucase after 2 hours, it should have worked. So my computer is in standby mode, and ta-da. Nothing but a blue welcome screen. =( =( asdfsadsa

Then i procede to open windows in safe mode, and reset my computer to a configuration that works. Currently, I’m at this point of the computer problem. I’m installing sp1, becuase restore systems needs it. Every tab is blacked out on my computer.

I lost all my files. =(. Sad, i lost all my essays, autocad files, everything that i had in my documents folder, picutres. Too bad i dont’ back things up.

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