Guo Pei @ Legion of Honor

Front of Legion of Honor

I took Sherri and the baby today to the Legion of Honor. They had a special exhibit showcasing the work of Guo Pei, the first Chinese Couture Designer. She has been around for at least 30 years, and her most famous dress known to North America was the yellow one worn by Rihanna in 2015 at the Met Gala. The only reason I decided to look into the legion of honor was because it was one of the library Discovery Passport locations that they give free tickets for. The exhibit webpage had some really nice dresses on there.

This is the boat dress

I think this boat dress is one of her most famous dress from the elysium. It lady walking in the dress looks like a boat floating across the water.

Dragons on the gold dress

Some of Guo Pei’s dresses were displayed around on the top floor, and was not in the exhibit. I actually found this gold dress really amazing. The designs of all the dragons on the dress, and the gold lace were mesmerizing. Seeing how the dragon go all the way down the back and to the tail of the dress made it seem very epic.

Baby enjoying the dresses

Sherri loved all the dresses, and wanted to touch all the dresses because she told me that half of the fabric work is work is actually touching to see it feels. So it was a little disappointing that she couldn’t touch anything. The only thing we had could do was look closely and listen to the audio they had for each exhibit.

The main attraction of the exhibit showed 5 different collections she had. Walking in the first set of dresses were her doll like dresses. She always loved dolls, so the first collection of 5 dresses is suppose to look like 5 dolls. I loved it so much, the dresses on the dolls were just large doll dresses.

5 dresses to represent a dollhouse

There was one room where she had a lot of experimental ideas. There was the twins dress, Sherri and I could be twins and be in the same dress. The most beautiful thing about the dresses is the heart in the back of that dress. Guo Pei spent so much time on all of her dresses, and there are so many things to find and explore in there.

Sherri is an angel just like this dress
These dresses are part of her legendary series

I really love the legendary dresses because it looks like something a superhero would wear. My favorite dress is the image below. I think it is Sherri’s favorite dress too.

The loop around the bottom of the dress was so beautiful to look at.

The one story that I heard about Guo Pei that I really loved was how she wanted to learn how to embroider a butterfly or ladybug. But because of the cultural revolution there was only 1-2 people who still could make the best embroidery, so she searched and found a lady in a village to teach her how to make it.

There is one room in the back of the legion of honor, and they had these 3 dresses all staged.

The only thing that sucks about the dresses being in that room is that you could not see the dresses very closely. So it was hard to see all the fine details on the dress.

Overall, I was really impressed with Guo Pei’s collection. It is actually very nice to see western and eastern styles mixed into a coutour dress. It is something I never saw before, so I had to explore all the different designs hidden on the dresses. I think the baby loved the exhibit also, and we had a random lady tell us our baby was the best thing to look at in the exhibit.

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