I was sitting in physics

I was sitting in physics listening to the teacher. As i was sitting there i noticed that the girl in front of me had her hair curl. I really liked her hair, if i were a girl I would always want to curl my hair. But since i’m a guy, i like going with hair that has some randomness to it. I think that’s what i like about the curls. The curls are all of different length, and different curliness.

My stomach has been growling madly today. I didn’t eat breakfast yet, and it’s 10:00am. I”m cooking it right now. I hate it when it inadvertently grows during class. It sounds like my stomach is eating myself inside out. I think my stomach is getting mad, because i’ve currently gone back to only 3 meals a day, because i didn’t have a chance to buy food. And i don’t have the time to cook in between the 3 meals. At home, i would usually have 5 meals, a mid-morning meal, which would be something like bread, and eggs. And a afternoon meal, which would be leftovers. IT was really pleasing to my stomach. Since i’ve been back here for 3 days, I’m always hungry, except for the 1 hour after i finish eating my meal. I better start filling up.

So i walked to my mechanical engineering department. And finally got the name of my advisor, and i’m going to go talk with him. Took me all week before i encouraged myself to go. My faculty advisor last name is Birdsong. What an interesting name.

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