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my computer has been fixed , i had to re download my computer programs, and fix up a lot of the data, but my computer is okay, and my w.bloggar program is working. So i don’t have to log into the website to update my log. Much faster on my own computer. I did a lot of stuff today.

In the morning, I played tackle football with the guys from AACF, there were around 22 of us, so we had 11 on 11. It was a slaughter the first game.It was upperclassmen versus lowerclassmen. The upper classmen just ran the ball, and nobody on our team could take down their running back. Their running back was the same size as our linemen. Every one in the back was small. It would be one handoff, and he would run all the way through us. =(. But i had my 20 seconds of fame. On one of the plays, they did a run play. The senior just busted through the line, and was running down hte field. He just ran over my teammates, and at the 7 yard line, i caught up to him and grabbed him. I was only able to grab one leg. =). So there i was trying to take him down, I had him by the thigh, and he was trying to hop and reach into the end zone. He was reaching, and i kept on pulling back. Eventually after 7 seconds, my teammates were able to come and tackle him. I’m not sure if i really did stop him from crossing the goal line, but i think they just gave it to me. That was a funny moment also, because someone said it was like Peter was being tackled by little people.

The guys then went to T-rex subs, this new store, and we i shared a dino sub with 2 other guys. The dino sized sub was 2 feet long, we had salami, pastrami, and some other meat. It coast 17.50 for the dino sized sub, but they put a lot of meat in it, and lettuce. Their store was a remodeled house, and there were no tables inside, but a few outside. But there were 18 of us, and half of us stood around because there was no place ot sit. We must have made the owner’s day, just because so many of us ordered.

Then i decided to hang out at gary, ivan, gabe, and arthur’s place. It’s one place, but i didn’t want to leave their names out. I watched naruto with ivan, and saw his little naruto keychains characters. Really cool. Then I sat there and played nba live with Gary. I bet Gary would be a really good bass player, because later that day, I was playing on someone’s acoustic, and gary was plucking notes on his acoustic. It made the song sound sweet, btw we were playing “blessed be”.by Chris Tomlin.

I like korean sushi, i like the beef they use, it makes the sushi taste good.

We wanted to watch Big Fish, but when we got there, there were only 6 tickets avaliable, and there were 10 of us, so we jsut left. So we were standing aroudn outside on the sidewalk jsut talking. I was freezing to death outside, beucase i didn’t bring pants or a jacket with me. I had not gone back to my apt. While we were standing there talking, there were some weird kids to our right. There were 2 girls doing some dancing or some weird arm motions, and playing around. Then i saw a flash behind me, and Tim said “that guy over there is taking a picture of us”. Then we all turned around, and see this guy with his disposible camera walking away with his disposable camera walking back to his group of crazy people. Then he comes back and starts taking more pictures of us. Then I think one of the freshman in our group said “Why don’t you turn yourself around and not take pictures of us”. I think that scared the kid, and he didn’t come taking pictures of us again. I didn’t really have a problem with the person taking pictures. If that kid wanted to take pictures of me, it would be okay.

we did more playing back in the room, and I borrowed my roommate’s game and played it. That guy has so many games that he buys, he plays it, beats it, and goes onto the next game.

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