Haha, we had bible study today at Froggies. I was late, so when I got there I see them all getting into cars, so I then go with them to higher grounds. We get there, and its too quiet, so we go to Froggies. I ordered a cookie monster yogurt shake. And Johnny ordered the cookie dough so we could have both flavors. The funny thing was Johnny was joking at how the lady at the counter must have liked me because she gave me much more than she gave him. My cup was filled because when I put my straw in, the ice cream started flowing out of the straw hole in the cup.

We started workign on our new project for 405. We are making that robot to pull up washers. I don’t think any of us know what we truly are doing yet. So we are just copying part for part what the teacher did on his test piece (just the running of one motor using a little control for the speed.) There might be some nights living on campus this quarter

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