I’ll look for more pictures tomorrow, but right now I don’t have anything from thanksgiving on me. But I do have a picture of two from my trip to the SF auto show on wednesday. It was fun hanging out with my dad, even though both of us don’t really know much about the stuff inside the car. We just know how to keep it up and running, so we just stared at the cars.

   My dad likes to talk about he hopes that I graduate soon, so he doesn’t have to pay my tuition and use it buy a nice car. So this is my dad with two of his co-workers (he works with some old guys, makes him look so much younger).

   But since I really like James Bond, I would want to get an Aston Martin, if I ever happen upon that much money and I really didn’t know what to do. Then maybe I could reach level 5 of James Bond ability. Currently, I think Vinesh and I are at around level 4 bond skills. We have the gentleman, and smoothness down, just need some of that calm under pressure ability.

Now I hope I find some time to do some work this week, because I’m falling flat on my face in my classes. So I need to do some pushups to get my face out from the ground.
Today, I didn’t play any football, but I ended up going to my grandma’s house for turkey, and then my auntie Anna’s house for dinner. I’m so stuff, but I don’t have the sleepiness because I took 2 naps today after eating. All the energy has come back into my body.

   Tomorrow will be a fun day, because the Krew (that’s right, we spell it with a K, because we don’t like C) and I are going to be hanging out.

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