I talk

I talk
If no one has figured it out yet, I really like to talk. For some reason, I’m really social, and I’ll talk to anyone. Must be something I got from my dad who likes to meet and talk to people. Bryan knows this 1st hand, I think I carried on a one way instant message conversation with him. I think that is why I really like writing in my blog, its like talking, but I don’t have to worry about people listening. But I am still trying to be a good listener, just like that sign I saw as a 2nd grader in the backroom.

Edward H. Richards
The wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard:
Why can’t we all be like that bird?

I think my roommate Marc can answer my sentences sometimes. Because I’m talking to him, and asking him a question, and he gives me back a response. Then he adds something to the end of it, and I heard his answer, and for some reason I don’t comprehend the last sentence. So I’m asking him a question, and I’m in the middle of the question and think “wait, he just answered my next question didn’t he.” so I stop talking and walk away.

Early this morning, I was standing in the ME department looking at the answers to some of my homework problem. And this kid (I think junior) comes up to me and starts saying “I wish all teachers put up the answers, some of them are just idiots”. I’m standing in front of pascual’s office, and behind me is shollenberger’s office and there are other teachers there. (its around 8:30am, and I’m the only student, there are teachers in all the rooms around). I didn’t want to say “yes, I think there are idiot teachers like that”, so I’m speaking really softly, because I don’t want to say anything where a teacher I know might hear me. Its pretty funny, because that guy keeps on talking to me for 10 minutes. While I’m trying to copy down what I did wrong.

When I walk from class to class, I do some funny things sometimes. I always have this urge to do a hop and skip. If I don’t have my contact lenses on, I try not to look at straight, becuase I can’t really see people far away. So if I see someone I know, I might “see” them, but without my contact lenses I might not know I see them. If I walked passed you, its because I didn’t see you from far away.

Finally, I did some good work today. I’m going to discipline myself back into a computer. Where I have clear cut Else if statement. Where it goes “If ( homework /= done ) then go to library”. If i could do that I would be so much more productive.

I’m still waiting for what PT said would work. Must take a while, I might need to go practice more.

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