I’ve been watching several episodes of scrubs, because edris has season 5, and fresh prince season 4. And scrubs is so funny, we were watching a clip when the doctor played by Graff thinks “what body part would I want from my friend”, then he wants Turk’s butt. And in the next scene, he goes “I’m building something Carla,” and then starts dancing to hte Rick James song “Brickhouse”. It was stuck in my head all day today when I say Josh at church. Its because Josh always talks about how his butt is big so if you get hit by it, its not his fault. So all I was thinking when I saw minister Josh was “he’s building a brickhouse”. Since Josh likes scrubs a lot also, he knew what I was talking about.

Yesterday, Edris convinced me and vinesh to go with him too a hookah lounge. So at 10pm we drove all the way down to San Jose. And hookah is really just about blowing out smoke. It reminds me of the Catepillar who smokes in Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t even know there was antying in my mouth and when I tried to blow O’s, smoke would just come out. After trying that, I don’t really think I will ever do that again, because it didn’t seem that interesting. But, its more of a social kind of place, because we jsut sat around talking. But I did get a headache from it.

I feel sorry for the guys at work, because they were just getting used to me around. So now they are sad, because they liked having me around to fix the problems that popped up. I still will intern until wednesday (my last day there), then I’ll just do some work from college for Ed.

As for my speech, when I was doing my toastmaster speech, I never video tape myself. But one of my evaulations said that I used the word “and” a lot, when I could just pause. So I’m going to be working on that, making sure that I pause, and figure out a way to keep my hands at my side when I speak, and use it when needed. I was looking at toastmaster clubs in SLO, and they are in the morning at 6:30am, or lunchtime. So I’m thinking i might go to th 6:30one.

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