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At 5:00pm today I went and called Jeff up, becuase he wanted someone to call him on his trip down to SLO to make sure he didn’t fall asleep. So I call him at 5pm, and then find out that he’ already there. So that took out the fun, because I had this great thing in my mind, for 20 questions. The object I had in my mind was “brain”. But that didn’t work out, so it ended up being a 5 minute conversation. Speaking of which, I am a man of many words, because I think I can out talk my sister, but I usually don’t.

Yesterday morning my dad took my car out for a final checkup before I go down to cal poly. I found out that the front calipers on the brakes have not been working, so for the past several months, the car has been only using the back brakes. I think that’s why I was hearing that weird sound in the brakes. But they didn’t find it last time, because they were only checking hte back brakes. So it will get fixed tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’m going to pick some of those mutated tomatoes in the sludge beds. And I ate some of the grapes that grew on the tree’s at church. I hope the pomegrantes are ready for eating next week, because I haven’t eaten from that tree for at least 8 years. Been looking up each week to see if the pomegrantes have burst open, but they haven’t, but I think they will burst next week. =)

For the weekend, my sister came back from Sac State. We had to pick her up from the amtrak station in hayward. And when I saw the station, it reminded me of a bus stop, because there was only several benches and a nice little canopy on top.

If anyone wonders when I will go back to Cal Poly, I’m going back next sunday after church. I finish my interning this wednesday, and then on thursday I’ll have breakfast and an early game of bowling with everett, then I’ll think of something, and on friday I will bother Josh and Tim at church. Should be fun.

As I was washing all the cars today, I watched little kids play in a bounce house down the street. I’m not sure how they played in that bounce house for over 5 hours ( It didn’t take me 5 hours to wash the cars, I had come home from church at around 3, and the bouncing thing was up, and I washed the car at 5).

I hate having headaches, and I’m not sure why I get headaches some times. I was washing the car and I got a headache, actually migrane. Then while i was sleeping, in my dream I kept on dreaming of a migrane. Now, I just have this little headache in the back of my mind, but I can endure it.

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