Talking to people at work is like unsolving the mystery behind Oro Loma Sanitary District. I walked into work today and everything looked the same. But then I walk across the building to the administartion side. Then I look on the entrance door and see new numbers 2655, and I’m not sure if its always been there or if its new. So I go back and talk to Todd. Then he says “guess you didn’t get the memo”, and he gave me his memo. They had changed the number of the building. I think it was because people were getting confused (delivery men and others), because when the plant was first made it was on the other side of the street. 2600 and there was no one else on the street. Then eventually they built a new office on the other side of the street. So if someone was looking at numbers they would assume 2600 is on the opposite side. Because of that, we often get delivery guys walking through the backdoor that says “employees only”.

There is this nice fountain in front of the admin building, but its never on. But today I heard a lot of little splashing sounds in it, so I go and check it out. There are many little tadpoles in the water swimming around. So I go and talk to Bill, because I’ve never seen any frogs in the pond. Then he tells me something about skunks using the fountain as a watering hole. Back to I go to Todd and he tells me that the reason there are frogs in the fountain is because they say that the croaking keeps the skunks away (because the skunk would live under the building). Then he said that the females on the other side didn’t like the noise of the croaking, and that is why the frogs get a tablet of chlorine dropped into their water and dissappear.

If only I wasn’t still interning, because I can’t stay up with Vinesh. I can’t figure out why Edris and Vinesh aren’t tired of eating chicken pasta with alfreado sauce. Every single time we want to eat in, we go to safeway at 10pm and buy the same ingredients. Then we go back and watch tv. I think friday I have to go to V’s house at 8pm, because he wants to watch “Cheetah Girls 2”. The show that we find the funniest is Degrassi, its so out there that we can watch only 5 minutes of it, because we can’t fathom any middle school like that.

I think vinesh’s laptop is on the mend. We pulled out the toshiba that has been sitting in his closet for 2 years, becuase I asked him if I could borrow it for work when I’m down at Cal Poly. He’s okay with it, we just have to figure out what is wrong with the labtop. Most likely we think the hard drive is dead, but my uncle will look at it and see if he can fix it.

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