Random Dream

I just woke up from a weird dream. I was dreaming about my bachelor party. However they were really weird.

I had two versions, in one of them i had to go pick up some stuff from a scary house and when i got back my friends told me their plan. It was we were going to rent a boat, and them after the boat we would go to a club, and some of them might have a stripper. Some of the guys that were married stayed at my house and slept on my bed. For some reason my friend want me to stroke his face while he was talking. Not sure why.

Then in the morning i drove to the boat house, while i was out there waiting at the table i saw a lot of people come by. The weird part was that half the people were people i didnt know. I asked chosen how he chose people and he said “i used facebook” so for some ressom there were 20 people i didnt know. 10 were middle school age looking kids. Chosen whispered to me, they are just coming to help us plan, there will be more party tomorrow. I didnt like having these random people here.

So i then had another dream. In this one i somehow ended up in philly at a pub. All the people coming to my bachelor party was there. Im not sure why my friends wives were there, and they were doing work(blueprints) on our table. Some reason in my dream i made up a jewish prayer song. It was for the fall season, so there was a giant F on a flag. The song was in yiddish then sung in english. It was a better dream and idea because it had more people i like. Then i woke up right now.

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