China Datacenter: Week 1 Recap


Here is my recap of week 1 with the overall ideas and information:

1) The workhours are interesting. I am working with start up type guys, so we have been starting at around 8:30am, and ending around 7:30-8:30pm. With around a 1.5 hour lunch.

2) Omkar uses Bank Of America, and most of the local banks in Zhongwei do not accept BoA. So we watched Omkar over 3 days go to different atm’s to get money. And each time he gets rejected. While my other co-workers with Chase and Wells Fargo were able to walk right up to the atm after him and get all the money they needed. Eventually when we were going sightseeing we came across a Bank of China (which is a national bank) so Omkar was lucky and was able to get his money.


3)The people in this town really like dancing/working out. I saw so many people dancing around all during the morning. They all just follow someone in the front, or they just know the moves so well they don’t need someone to lead. I hear the music playing all morning and all night. It is around 30 deg F outside and they are out there dancing and doing ti-chi.


4) All these datacenters start out the day at around 0-30 deg F, then it takes 30 minutes for the load banks to heat up the place. Then the room/area I am working on is sweltering hot. Smile

5) Walking around Zhongwei is scary. The crosswalk sign might be on, but the cars also have a green light to turn right when you are walking on the crosswalk. So it is scary, because sometimes those cars don’t stop for you. While the lights have a flashing camera which is the way the police check people’s speed. Finally, there are people driving their scooters on the wrong side of the road, which throws me off, because you see them driving against traffic.

6)There are so many convenience stores here, they are really small and all look the same on the outside, but sell random different things inside.

7)The food here can get really spicy, and the Lamb is really good.  I love all of the food here.

8) The one night we tried to order food, and I was the best mandarin speaker. We ended up just pointing at pictures, and I could tell what was meat and noodles, however I could not figure out how the food was cooked. So we just guessed. My favorite was when Omkar showed them a picture of tomato eggs, and then a picture of kung pao chicken. They cooked the tomado eggs correct, the kung pao chicken came out extra spicy, and more like a stew. Sad smile So spicy I could not eat it.

9) Eating so much bread for breakfast, and trying to figure out how to say what I want to eat. 

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