China Datacenter: Week 2


Week 2 in China has been pretty interesting. Mostly because the weather has been getting colder and we have not had to do as much work. Smile It is mostly because the items that they needed in week 2 were held up in customs for more days than they expected.

So on the saturday, we ended early and walked to downtown. Looked at some places while it was 15 deg F. It makes it really hard to shop and walk around outside.IMG_0428


All the buildings in Zhongwei are really interesting. In terms of the look, it makes me think of a big city. However, there is not as many people per the building.


We found a really cute dog in the pet shop. I didn’t like it, it was ridiculously


More pictures, overall the project is going slower. Mostly 5 of us sitting there while one guy “the main programmer” does all the work to make the software live.


This last jobsite we are at is the coldest and farthest from our location. It got to below 0 deg Farenheit. So when I took my hands out of my glove to type of my computer, I could barely type. I could feel my hands freezing, and my ability to move the fingers became slower.




More food pictures.


Last picture of my body in freezing mode.

Here are the highlights:

1) I was trying to fix a temp sensor, and I think because of a miscommunication, they gave me another bad temp sensor to test it with. So I was really confused as to why I was getting bad readings from a new sensor. Found it really peculiar.

2) The booties we wore were super small and tight, and my shoes never fit inside of it

3) I wish my chinese was better because all the cashiers at the convenience store asks me questions, more when I say I don’t really know chinese too well, and I am visiting.

4) Sitting in a mini-van with no traction/chains when the roads are all iced up, and the car is filled with guys is super funny. It takes us 30 seconds to cross a street when we are fully stopped.

I think that is all the fun stuff that happened in China. I would say it was a successful trip for me. I was able to help them write their sequence, and PID loops. It was interesting watching people not as experience in HVAC try to make it work. Like watching all the young guys at work try to make it work their first time through. So somethings were taking longer.

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