pre thanksgiving dinner

So I asked doug why he was having a pre-thanksgiving dinner. And he gave me the response “because giving thanks should be something that is done everyday and not just on thanksgiving”. That was good quote, so it gets to sit in my blog.

Okay, so let me speed through.I got home yesterday after a long boring 3 hour ride back to my house. And today was really cold. I think i’m getting use to cal poly weather, and just wearing shorts everyday, because when i came home, i put on a sweater and sweats. Different then my shorts and t-shirt at cal poly.

So i did some homework today, and at 5:45 I left for doug’s place. So i’m driving down east castro valley boulveard. I’m going down the street next to the side of the hill. That 1-2 mile stretch of just land going next to the hill and freeway. The sun has set, and there are a lot of cars on the street going the other way. So many cars that are tryign to take the short cut through castro valley. =O. As i drive around a turn at the 45 mph speed limit. i see a red corvette, and it seems to be stopped and smashed against the road. So i quickly push on my brakes. I would have slammed on it, but i saw that there was a car behind me, and I hope it didn’t hit me, so i did a slow tap on the brakes, and then i smashed it down, but not too hard. It was a good thing i was only at around 40 mph as i was making the turn because for some reason, i’m very relaxed when i drive, so i don’t drive really fast. So i end up stopped about 5-8 feet from the red corvette, and i see that somebody had turned into the side of the hill, and the front was dented, but it wasn’t too much damage. I think the car recently smashed, becuase there was no ambulance. I would have called the ambulance, but i think somebody already did, because on the opposite side of the road, traffic was mostly stopped because everyone was trying to go on the street, which is only one lane near my house and behind the back of hte hills. And i think it was a 1 mile backup at least to the light. So i think they saw what happened. So i manuever my car around the corvette which had taken the inside lane, and i went to the outside lane. I took a quick look to see if anyone was on the side of the road, and i think i see a mom, with her 2 little kids crying. As i drive on the streets, i eventually encounter the ambulance. I think the ambulance drove on the other side of the road, because that traffic jam had clogged up 3 more blocks.

Okay, fast forward to dougs house. So we play a little madden, and then we eat. Doug made a very tasty ham, with corn on the cob, homemade mash potatoes (with all the good lumps in it), asparagus, and biscuits. It was a meal fit for college students. And we drank the weird tasting pepsi spice soda. Haha, it tasted like a mix between coke and root beer.

Then we had a little game of madden, it was Brad and I, versus Neil and Doug. We randomly picked teams, anad they got the 49ers while we got the giants. Let’s say that, Brad played toomer a lot, and toomer had 200 yards, and 2 tds. While i let tiki barber run, and he broke some runs for td. Then Doug and Neil tried to mount a comeback, but came up short. Just 3 td short.

After that, Allen came, and decided he wanted to box. So there was a 5 round match between Chai and Neil, and Chai won with several blows. Then he wanted to box me, so i tried to, but i was overmatched, because i couldnt’ take him on forward, because of my shorter arm length, I wasn’t confident that i could sidestep and hit him. Eventually he got one good hit on me. And i was really tired because i was bouncing around, trying to see if i could get him to try to punch me, so i could get close for a shot. Nope, didn’t happen. So I finished my one round, and took off my gloves.

Somehow, Doug and I started doing a cello/ piano duet. He was playing cello very well, while i was trying to catch up with my piano sight reading. It was interesting, every once in a while, we would sound good, and then i would mess it up, and then sound good again. The only time we sounded good was when we didn’t play the classical music, and played coldplay “scientist”, because that music is easier to play, and i the cello doesn’t play melody, but just plays bass. While for the classical music, when i was sight reading the music, i was trying to time it with hte cello, so i’m looking at the cello notes also, to make sure that i’m on pace, but the bad thing is that i have a hard time following the cello playing. I had played a little on his cello, and if you see a cello, you can tell there are no frets, so Doug has to put his hands at certain part of the cello to get the right notes, and he tells me that sometimes he messes up. I think the reason i couldn’t follow along too well with classical was a mix between me messing up on sight reading, and trying to catch up to were he was, but i couldn’t follow him too well on the cello, becuase his notes flowed together so well, that sometimes i thought 2 notes together was just one note.

Finally, we finished that, and decided to play beautiful piano music, the beautiful songs. So Doug told me to play “unchained melody”, “memory” from cats, and i played “right here waiting for you”. Added some Canon in D, and lion king, and other broadway music. It was interesting.

I told doug he should sing “come sail away”. But he didn’t know the song. he’s the only guy in his house who didn’t know it, unlike brad and neil. We could sing that song as our anthem.

“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me”

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