I had a good thanksgiving

So for my thanksgiving holiday. I had a monster amount of food. I gained around 7-8 pounds after eating all the food on thursday. I had thanksgiving lunch at my grandma’s house, and then i had thanksgiving dinner at my house. We had a lot of turkey and pumpkin pie. It was very delicious. I like dark meat on the turkey, because i think it taste juicier because of the fat.

Then i went to sleep and on friday i weighed myself in the morning, and i had gone back down in weight. I don’t remember what kind of dream i had, but i must have had a very exciting dream because in the morning i weighted myself, and i had lost around 5 pounds that i had gain the night before. I must have sweated a lot that night.

During the day, i did some homework, and then at around 2:00. I went ot play football with some CV high guys. There was tim, greg, everett, chris, alex, garret, brad and alex’s younger brother and his buddies. It was first upper versus the younger. We destroyed them, I think we scored on 2 interceptions. I intercepted the ball and lateral it because i was about to get tackle and garrett ran it in. So eventually we did split up the teams more evenly. There was this one play that i remember, because i think i got a minor headache from it. I was on the line, and tryign to tackle tim, so i get him and grab him around his feet and try dragging him down. He’s the only one wearing cleats, so he is moving around, as i try to drag him down, I have no leverage. Then Alex jumps on him from the other side, and he’s still standing up and trying to throw the ball. So i had to wrap him up so he wouldn’t throw it. So i stand up and wrap him around his arm so he can’t throw the ball. Eventually, tim falls down like a tree. The only problem was that i was the one under him. So i land on the ground with my back first, and tim’s body lands on me and his back lands on my head, and we are on hard ground, and it kind of hurt. =). But i got back up. I don’t know why i was playing defensive line, but it was fun. It was brad and I doing the rushing. We had several plays set to get through, and we did get through quite well.

After football, we left, and i went ot brad’s house. Then Vinesh came over, and brad had to go. So vinesh and I went to matt’s house. We played some frisbee, and after a while matt and his girlfriend said we should go out and eat. So we go to Carrow’s, and Doug and Edris show up. Edris and I order the shrimp scampi because the lady said it was good. …. So we eat the food, and i can tell you that their shrimp scampi didn’t taste too good, and Edris and I didn’t feel too good after eating that stuff, and vinesh didn’t like his sandwich either. We buy a cinnermon roll, and go to eat at doug’s house. But we ring the doorbell and doug isn’t home, so we go to vinesh’s house, watch espn in hdtv. Haha, edris said, “Wow, HDTV is so clear, it’s even clearer then me looking at you right now. You are fuzzy vinesh, but hdtv is clear.” We tried it out on several channels, So we saw a clip of CSI and you could tell the difference.

Finally, we decide to go to visit matt again, because he wants us to come over to the boring party he is at. I think there happened to be only 10 people there. I have this monster headache, and i just sleep on the ground, and people think i’m past out. We didn’t drink anything, I think edris and vinesh had half a bottle of schminoff raspberry (which is only 5% alcholol) and they decided to talk politics, so i’m sleepign while they are talking about how russia’s goals are different from the US, and stuff like that. Then we left after 20 minutes, because we went to the party as late as we possible could. =)

… Then i went to my bed and went to sleep because my headache was bad, and i think it was a combination between my head hitting the ground and the bad food.

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