art makes me sleepy

Why do i always fall asleep in art. I have only one class today also. so i wake up late go to class and still fall asleep. And i do get my 7-9 hours of sleep daily. I”m that consistent. If sleeping was a class, i would take it.

And i was workign on my lab today with my lab partner. So i went to his place and we did our lab report. It was really boring because 90% of what we had to do in lab was number crunching so that took a while. Then he made me lunch, we had some kind of chicken, carrots in teriyaki sauce. And he put tapatio hot sauce on it. A lot. It was fairly spicy when i ate it, and he didn’t notice a thing. Then he made me taste a little bit of some hot sauce he got from the BBQ place in seattle. It’s called “man sauce”. So i put hte tip of my fork into the hot sauce. I put it in my mouth, and it has a bitter kind of taste. Then all of a sudden it starts getting very hot in my mouth. And i drink water, but my lab partner tells me that water doesn’t help calm it down. So he told me to eat some crackers and i ate some. And it took it down a little. But every time i licked my lips, the spiciness would get hotter again. So eventually the hotness left my mouth after 10 minutes.

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