lucky guy

I was doing physics homework online today. And i was getting upset becuase there were 4 questions left and i didn’t know how to do them. So i decide it was time to go pray. And voila. God answered my prayer. I somehow decided to go to the physics 132 webpage to study for the quiz tomorrow. Then i scroll down to the bottom, and what do i see. A teacher had posted some solutions for chapter 22. So i open it up and the 3 problems I had trouble with were right on there. And the 4th one was just like the problem before it. So i was able to figure out all my physics homework. And i did it all in just over 3 hours. =). My best time yet.

In strength and materials class, my group and i started to work on our lab, and we found out that our lever arm was bad becuase wires were cut and missing, and the words bad were written on it.So we teamed up with the people next to us and we just bull our way through the stuff in amazing time. 8 people in a group is too much, 2 other guys and i just sat around and looked at excel. While 4 guys were setting and getting info done, and the last guy was just putting all the data into excel. We did 90% of our lab right there. I just sat around like this other guy mark. I was on a computer and trying to us it, but the mouse was broken. It would not move down. =)

Yeah, it happened again. I totally didn’t know this girl’s name that said hi to me. She knew my name, but this time. I didn’t even recognize her at all. So i’m not sure how i know her.

On the other hand, i saw my RA from last year. Jim, he was biking around the library, and he went into the bushes. Then i think he hit a rock in the trees, because he was slowly going up through the shrubs, and then he flipped over the bike. Then he stood back up and told me that he was alright, and started biking away.

Then I was looking at pictures, and seeing how to draw things better, and then i came across where it said that people were more attracted to people with larger pupils. And your pupils enlarge when you like something. So now i know that the poker face guy has to be really good, becuase they have to fake that they don’t like their cards. Good thing i’m not a gambling man.

Finally, I went to sleep early last night, and i hope that i go to sleep early, becuase i uninstalled my games. =) So i would sleep and not play at night.

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