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i’m back from my trip to UC Riverside. It was really great. After AACF on Friday we all left for irvine to Dave’s place. It was a really long drive. We left at 9:00pm and got there at 2:00am. I was in Gary’s car and we had to get gas so we had to look at the map. I think all of us was asleep, and Gary must have been sleepy, because we all missed the conection from 101 to 405. Instead we went to 5. So it was a 1 hour detour. So we arrived at 2:00am. And once we got there, we went to sleep. I didn’t bring a sleeping bag, so i just laid on the floor and fell asleep. =). It wasn’t too bad until i woke up in the morning and my leg’s were really cold.

We drove to riverside. Wow, it was another 45 minutes drive to get there. Once we got there, they had a little worship set at the beginning. Then we played basketball. I was on the Rec team, and we named ourselves “We may suck, but man are we handsome.” We won 0 games. We played 2 games, and lost both. The only bad thing about the game was that we had a lot of downtime inbetween matches. We had a 2 hour break inbetween. That made it hard to play basketball, becuase i got warm, and then my muscles cool down,and it need to take time to warm back up.

At around 9:00pm, we allI went to a tofu house at night for dinner. I had a seafood tofu soup and rice. It was really good. Gary next to me had a steak tofu, and Matt had a beef tofu. And the other people had other stuff. but i couldn’t really tell, because i was on the end of the table. It was funny how several of the girls didn’t like the food, or something like that, and didn’t eat tofu. Instead they went to get boba right next door. So after we had dinner, and we went outside, we met up with them, and we got boba also.

Back at Dave’s house, it was matt, dan, gary and I sleeping downstairs. The girls were sleeping upstairs, because some of the guys were staying at someone else’s house. We watched tv and fell asleep.

Time to sleep. Need to wake up tomorrow.

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