happy birthday

yay, happy birthday to you. I don’t konw who’s birthday it is but i’m birthday you. I hope i get googled. So when someone searches for happy birthday, they come upon my site. =)

I worked in the lighthouse today. Very boring, because nothing really happens saturday afternoon. For a while, i thought i would have to work 8 hours, because i was being nice and taking over someone’s shift. And i said i would take one of his shifts. I think he couldn’t find anyone else so he wrote down his other shift on the papar, So i walked in and thought i was going to do 1 shift, but found out i was doing 2. But luckily, some extra person thought he was working today, came and was able to take my shift because i didnt’ want to work so long. Don’t tell them. I got paid minimum wage for 2 hours. Because i worked from 12-4. And lunch ends at 2:00. So just sat around at 2:30 and talked, and the other cook with me , Rich, was doing some work on the computer. I just sat around drawing pictures. And sitting, and sitting, and eating some ice cream, and soem more sitting. I sat around for 1 hour and 30 minutes. =)

Then there is homework, which i didn’t do because i was playing a video game. I hate video games, they are addicitng. They are the devil. So ibetter uninstall them while i’m ahead.

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