Long Long Long day

That’s a long x3 for today. I still have a little bit of a cold, and I had to be on campus from 9 – 6 pm today. I woke up feeling lethargic and zombie like. The day started off on the wrong foot, the first thing I did in the morning was bend down, and I strained my quads (middle of my thigh)

I then had back to back labs from 12-6. Our project will be as big as we want to make it, because right now we are trying to figure out what kind of packaging we are using, and I have been scouring the internet looking for videos of a machine that fills up capri-sun pouches.

The weird thing about being in all these senior classes, is that my teachers are consultants and do many things. So one of my teacher is out in Germany all this week. And talking about people overseas, my lab partner Heather was talking about how she had a caucasion friend working in Beijing. He had really blue eyes that you could see from far away. And she said that girls in Beijing always hit on him, and one girl came up with a line “your eyes are as blue as the mediterean sea”.Then Matt was talking about Ryan’s trip to South Korea, they watched people play starcraft online and there are crowds of people who root for their favorite guy. I found a video clip too .

I dislike it when I think, “I’ll finish this lab fast”, our control lab took the whole time, and we didn’t even finish it. I think it was a combination of me not feeling too well, so I didn’t really want to do much work, and my lab partner not really sure about what he was doing. So between the twix of us, it took us a long time. I think 2 hours in, we weren’t getting anywhere fast enough, so I dug down deep and tried to just help us steamroll through the project. After that, we actually started getting stuff done.

Then I ran out of toilet paper, so I went and bought a 24 roll pack for our house, I think half of them will go to my nose, while the other half will go to the toilet. Finally, here is my senior project ethics scenario.

And Edris started the www.yourglobe.org foundation, and he is going to put me as one of his 5 board of directors. So I will get a chance to start doing things in other countries.

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