Cal Poly Friday

Today was weird, not that everyday isn’t weird and new. So I’ll take today as another experience. Cal Poly is so empty friday mornings because all the business majors are gone. Therefore, there is so much parking at the structure.

For the good part of the day. I’m sitting in my controls lab, and I feel really hot. I’m still overcoming the cold and wanted to give my body the best chance to heal by keeping myself warm. Then my temperature rose hot enough that out of the blue, my nose started to bleed. It was flowing mightily, and I had to make a ruckus in my controls class. In the bathroom, I cooled my head by drenching my face in cold water, and it stopped after that.

Back in class, I found the worse possible way to leave a class early. This guy sitting next to me was leaving class 10 minutes early. So he procedes to walk over a desk (he does it silently and well), but he then puts his hands on the lights to the room and turns off the lights to the room. And everyone looks and see him trying to leave. Good bye for now, I have to eat food that.

Funny thing from last night. I got back to my place at around 7pm, and I really wanted to tell Marc a story. Seeing that he wasn’t home at the moment, I thought I would just wait for him. While waiting for him, I do some homework, eat dinner, and other little misc things. Then it is around 8pm, and I’m thinking “Man, Marc must be at small groups”, then at 10pm, I’m thinking “he must be playing intramurals” so I decide I won’t tell him a story and go take a shower. I walk into the bathroom and pick up my towel, and notice that his isn’t there. Then it dawns on me, “Marc went home already because he doesn’t have friday classes”.

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