might be getting sick

I went to the AACF retreat during the weekend, and I was really blessed by it. It has helped me do some readjustment to how I view my life. I would type more about it, but it feels more like something to put in my private journal to keep other people lives private.

My senior project is going to be a wine pouch filling machine. I have 2 other people in my club, and we are to fill a capri-sun like pouch with wine. The guy who is sponsoring the projects wants us to make a machine that will make it commerically viable to sell it in a pouch. Only sad thing is that, this project was on the bottom half of my top 10 choices.

There are two things that really happened to me together. I think I’m getting sick because I slept too long today. When I do that, I usually get a migrane, which I had today. And when Marc came in, he said I looked sick. Also, when I drink water it doesn’t taste as good and doesn’t feel that great when it goes down the back of my throat. Which I believe means my throat might be a little swollen. So I pray that i don’t get sick.

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