its cold

I think everyone is getting sick now. I called vinesh and he was sick today. Then my dad has the cold also. I hope I don’t get sick again, because I hate that feeling of being lethargic. And when I get lethargic, or really sleepy, I start losing my agility. I become more clumsy and stuff starts crashing.

I think it was two days ago, when I pulled that all nighter with edris and vinesh to finish the cd’s. And it was in the morning, and vinesh was about out. So he’s sitting there in a kowtow position with his head just lying on the floor. And i’m sitting around the labtops putting in the cds. And vinesh says “I need something to spark me awake” and lays his head back down. Then several minutes later, i want to go lay down on the couch, so I walk around edris. And my sweater gets caught on a vase with a flower in it. Then all of a sudden you hear this breaking sound. And instinctively I turn around and catch the vase as the stand it is on falls off the legs. Quickly, I see vinesh get up out of no where and become alert again. BTW, nothing happened to the vase and stand. It just got knocked off.

What’s funny is that I didn’t know my sister was kind of upset at me. She really wanted me to get her casting crown sheet music for Christmas. And I didn’t get her anything close to it. (She told me this about 3 days before Christmas), and today I was at Target (where i used some christmas money from my grandparents to buy a pair of batting gloves). And the lighthouse christian bookstore is next door to it. Then I remember, I think Kelly really wanted it. So I spend 30 minutes looking through all the piano sheet music books looking for the two songs. It took a while but i found it, i bought some music book with the title “top christian hits of 04-05”. And there it was all 3 casting crown songs she wanted.

I wanted to play some ball today, so i called vinesh, but he was sick. I was going to go down to the basketball courts and hope to find a pickup game. But i didn’t see anyone playing ball at around 3pm, so I went home. I don’t like playing basketball by myself. Even though I try to simulate a whole game by myself, I usually get to around the score of 20-19 before I get tired of it, and practice offhand layups, and random shots. I figured out that I can make 90% of my shots if I take a step forward as get the ball.

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