really tired

I’m still really tired, but I’m more fresh now. Yesterday was one really, really long day. And it makes me not like burning cd’s and anything that says “bio 1a – 1/4”.

So yesterday, we were finishing up burning the cd’s, and it was around 11:00pm, and Edris was on a different schedule so he showed up at around midnight. And we had to do a little more cd burning, and editing of the classes. We also were thinking of ways to put all 920 cd’s into his backpack. I was thinking about rolling up a newspaper really small, and you could use the stick part like a spindle. But anyways we decided on buying a bag. This is at around 1:00am.

Then Edris was wondering where we could buy a bag at this time of day. And
vinesh said rite aid, because he thought they were open 24 hours, while I said wal-mart. So Vinesh calls Walmart in Union City, and says they must be close, because the phone had rung 20 times and no machine picked up. He wondered why they didn’t have an automated receiver. We then decide to get some food, and Edris decides to treat us.

It is starting to rain and we drive to Rite Aid, because Vinesh chose it. We get close to the Door and make vinesh run out to see if its open. But its closed. So eventually we get back to his place and watch mtv:jams as we eat mcdonald. All this time, Edris is going around writing on all the cd’s “provided by edris”. As he brings me back up on hip hop culture. We were watching kanye west, three 6 mafia (the g-unit), amerie. Then I start to wonder if Edris watches MTV everyday(which he does).

ITs around 4:30am, and Edris really needs a bag, so he decides to call the Walmart in Union City to ask when they are open. (we don’t think pleasanton would be open, becuase everything closes at 9:00pm there). And they answer and say it is open 24 hours. I was really tired, so I was sleeping in the car and they went in and bought the bag. I didn’t know they were in walmart for an hour, but they woke me up when both of them rushed back into the car. Then it was around 6am. So we drove to Krispie creams and got orange juice and doughnuts.

Eventually, we see Vinesh’s dad go to work. And finish and 10am. Then I go back to my house and sleep.

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