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I think I slept only 6 hours last night because I was watching Conan O Brien, so it wasn’t a good move. Today in the morning I was awaken by my sister walking into my room and saying “its time to go”. So i jump out of bed at around 7:15am, and we go to my late grandmother’s house in oakland.

So we get there and have to do the grunt work with my cousin’s. It was Wesley, candice, my sister and I, while our uncle Frank just told us how to do everything. So for the next 5-6 hours we proceded to take down all the wallpaper in the house. It was rough, there were at least 2-3 layers of wallpaper on top of each other. So we sprayed the wall with our water bottles and then proceded to rip them down.

The first part of the wallpaper wasn’t hard, pulling down the first layer. But it was pulling down the last layer. It was glued really well onto the wall. I spent plenty of time just trying to pick at the wall. And wall paper flew everywhere, and it smelled like a hamster cage in one corner of the house. My sister seemed to get tired the most, so she kept on taking really short 1 minute breaks. She would just stand there and watch us. Later when I talked to her, she was telling me how different each one of us worked. Candice took her time but slowly and surely peeled it. Wesley used a more natural way of using a scraper. Then my sister described the way i was scraping the wallpaper of like a machine. It was because I would stand near the wall, and my arms would move really fast, and pieces of the wallpaper would start to come off. I think I would have won if they made pulling wallpaper off the wall a contest.

We only finished about 70% of what we wanted to do, because we got tired. My thumbs are very tender right now.

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