I love the park

Don’t you love the park also. I’ll talk about that in a second.

So today, I decided to go and e-mail Gary Radnich, because he was talking about something. I didn’t really know if he would read my e-mail, but he did read it on the air. I sent in the e-mail to him and 15 minutes later, he read it over the air. But i’m not sure what he said about it because Edris had just rung the doorbell, and I was listening to the radio over the intercom. So I just heard the doorbell tune.

Today was so nice, it was all sunny, so Edris and I went to the park down the street from my house. We were playing baseball again. Edris with his metal bat, and with me throwing the tennis ball. For some reason, I couldn’t throw the ball well when we just play on grass. I think its hard because I don’t have anything to focus on when I throw. So I end up throwing out of the zone to both sides. And I couldn’t throw anything, my curveballs were being ripped.

But then we went to the little league field across the street. And the mound is so close to home plate. I think I stood on the mound (which added 2 feet to my height), Edris said I looked 9 feet tall and intimidating. And when i threw the ball to the plate, it looked like it was going at 90 mph. So I stood back 10 feet behind the mound. It was so fun on the ball field, because I actually had something to focus on when i threw, so my pitching was so much better. Whats fun is watching the batter get mad when they miss my pitches. I threw 4 different pitches, and because I mixed them up, Edris kept on barely getting a piece on the ball and fouling it back. Then the best pitch i threw was a sinker, it had such a great sink that Edris was bunting and the ball just sunk under his bat and he didn’t even touch it.

Then we decided to throw the ball underhand like softball. So he could hit the ball, and the way softballers curve a ball is by the way the ball brushes off their leg.

Then we got philly cheese steaks, and played RISK while watching “Saved by the Bell”. We watched it with the commentary on, and it was hilarious, because they would point out random things, and Screech would make fun of all the clothes he wore.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go take a short trip to my apt in SLO and move across the street to the new place that we are going to have. I should be back on Sunday afternoon.

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