my condo in SLO

I went to my apt in San Luis Obispo to move my stuff to my new place. It sounds like i’m moving really far, but all i’m really doing is moving 1 block down the street to a condo. I think that is how all college students do it. When we move, we move very close. LIke vinesh who moved two stories down. I just moved across the street and on the other side of the railroad tracks.

It was very interesting seeing the place. I don’t think I will have the alcholic cowboys for neighbors. Instead there are now other types of guys there. But i think they must be party animals. Because their door is almost always open, and i hear music coming from inside. They even pulled a couch outside their door, and put sleeping bags on it. When i was moving stuff, I just saw the guy laying in the couch studying outside.

When the guys who were moving out told me that they were leaving us furniture. I didn’t expect them to leave that many things. They left us a lot of stuff, we had a sofa, dining table, couches, chairs, and all their cleaning stuff. The cupboards were full of condoiments for cooking, and i think there are 3 water brita filters in the fridge, and several other things. It looks like we won’t need to buy any furniture. I’m just astounded by the number of chairs they left us. I think they left us 7 chairs, and its like those nice ones that they have in the ME Labs.

I forgot to bring my camera, so there are no pictures of my place. I’ll take some later when I go back again. The guys who lived there before us also left us all their sports equipment, basketball, golf clubs, bats, ab roller, and weights.

My dad had come down with me to SLO. So we also went around town, and cleaning up my old apt. There wasn’t anything left except for comet, so we used that to clean up the kitchen.

Speaking of cleaning, I noticed I have to clean all my bedsheets and blanket, because it got really dusty and dirty. And so did the car. I don’t like getting all those bugs on the windshield when you drive down 101 during hte summer. All those dead bees that make all those different colors on the license plate. So I usually try to trail a car when i’m driving down the road. Then I like watching the bugs that hit the windshield of the car in front of me and then bounce in the air and hit my windshield and then bounces off. Those big bees that leave a yellow mark on the windsheild.

Finally, I’m still doing things to prepare for EIT, and I’ll try to see if there are still any internships out there.

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