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During this summer, I have done abolutely nothing productive. Unless you counting sleeping as a positive work. Because of that, I really have nothing useful to say on my livejournal. That’s the only reason I don’t update as much. Because all the cool things that happen to me, occur in my dreams. Then I want to write about it in my blog, but by the time it takes me to walk the 25 feet to the computer, I have absolutely forgetten what happened.

I wish I could make a video camera that could record my dreams, I think that would be cool, as long as you were the only one that would watch it. I bet I could write a great movie with the kind of stuff that happens in my brain.

Also, I was sitting around today, all alone in the house. So i began thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have a pet around. So I sat around trying to figure out what kind of pet I would get once I finished college. First, I thought about a dog. Then, I didn’t like the idea of having a dog, because they get really big. Like my neighbors husky, that is really tall, and weighs more then me. But a dog would be nice, but would require too much space. Then I thought about a cat. And I didn’t like the idea of a cat running around the house, because they hide and can be very independent. And they pop out of nowhere, and if i ever woke up at night and needed to get something to drink, I would be scared by those glowing cat eyes.

So eventually, I decided that once I get a job, and make some income, I’ll get a rabbit. I’ll potty train the rabbit, and build it a nice indoor hatch to live in. I was looking up webpages on the rabbit humane society. They taught me how to potty train the rabbit, and build it a big enough hatch to live in doors. If only I had known that I could potty train my rabbit, it would have been so much easier when I was a kid to train it. I hated cleaning up for the rabbit when I was little. I think that is why we only had the rabbit for 4 months before giving it back. I hated taking out the poop every 2-3 days. But it was always cool playing with it. I would throw in some newspapers, and then next day I would see the rabbit had made a nice little blanket in the corner with it.

Maybe i should try this podcasting thing. That way it doesn’t feel as weird when I sit around talking to myself.

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