fixing my computer

I wake up this morning and turn on my computer. I go to several websites, but I find out that some random websites aren’t working when I try to get in. I also can’t get on AIM, so I spend 2 hours in hte morning fixing my computer trying to see if I can open all the ports. Then I give up and go to class. Somehow in class, I get to talking to my classmates about the internet. And it seems that everyone who has charter cable internet has had trouble going to some webpages and connecting to AIM. Good thing I didn’t decided to reformat my computer.

My mechatronics teacher has the same time schedule as a college student. I see him working on his wikipedia at 1am. The same time, my lab partner’s and I are working on it. So we wonder when he sleeps. I have no idea either.

Oh yeah, I had that interview with Boston Scientific yesterday. I thought my interview went really well. I should send him a thank you letter, maybe i’ll email it to him. But he asked me a lot of questions, and it was really chill and relax. Since I really like to talk, I thought I sounded really good. He did want to know how I went about doing problem solving. And asked me “what is the diameter of the earth?”. So I go about thinking of places I know and how far they are away from me. I go with a flight from China, becuase I know how long it takes, and the speed. Eventually, I come with a number range from 7k to 18k. The answer was 8k, so I was pretty good with my guessing/solving.

What sucks is when the teacher gives us the wrong information. My lab partners and I were looking through our problem trying to figure out our numbers were all off for one set. Then we found out it was because the teacher told us to look for the wrong coefficient. So we had spent the past 2 days trying to figure out what we did wrong.

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