Okay, here is a quick catchup on my weekend, because i was busy playing video games and not studying. Its nice having a schedule like mine that is kind of hard, but easy at the same time also. So on Saturday, I had to return 2 metal square bars that were 6 feet long. I had to slide it in diagonally to be able to get it into my car. The nice thing was that it only turned out to be 20 dollars to ship it back.

   After doing that I had to go up to hte hanger and work on the senior project. We spent time from 10am to 5pm working and building that thing. It is only 5% done right now, and I have to figure out how to program the ladder logic. =(.

    Then I spent a lot of the rest of the time during the weekend watching sports, and doing some little things that I thought might seem useful.
   By the way, I finally got some interviews after all those resumes I sent out on mustang jobs. When I think about it, I hadn’t really signed up for too many jobs, so I’ll get my first chance at an interview tomorrow with Boston Scientific for a manufaturing supervisor trainee.

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