Work and Work

Life is a lot of work.

So Saturday, I spent a lot of time in the hanger working on our senior project. Its getting down to crunch time because we don’t have the man hours to finish this whole thing and redesign everything that is going wrong. Currently, we have decided to forgo the bag relay mechanism.

At Saturday night, there was brother’s appreciation night. I was really surprised and liked the event they planned out for us.

Okay, now onto the tough question. I was looking in the mail today, and the Oro Loma Sanitary District has a job opened. “Engineering Technician”, and essentially this was the job the guy who I was working under in my internship did. Anyways, I did the same thing he did, and I helped to create a lot of the stuff they used also. So anyways, I think they want me back because they sent me an employment application and the job description sheet. They are going to pay good too 5k to 6k a month. This was exactly the job I did in the summer, and the board really liked the work that I did.
However, I really don’t like wastewater, its too boring and not what I majored in. However, I’m not sure if I can get a job with a company that does what I want. Anyways, if I did get this engineering job, I think I could move up the ladder fast, because there are only 5 engineers, and 2 of them are retiring soon (within 2 years). Also, this job has almost a 100% job security. And the work isn’t too hard.

Man, this will take a while to figure out.

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