Count my blessing

I’m so thankful today, because i just skipped fortran class to think about what God has done in my life. Don’t worry aobut fortran, it’s a really easy class. And there wasn’t anything important to learn or do today. I was sitting here reflecting upon the past week. God always provides, When i was sad he provided me with people who listened. When i think about it, God is so loving. When i felt discouraged, God gave me encouragement through e-mails sent by others. Wow, o wow. I can’t contain my giddiness today.

I feel that I have a great outlet in the grill room. I get to meet all the freshmen, so maybe next time. I’ll try talking to them more. God has blessed me with a lot of TLC, because yesterday in teh grill room. I overheard several people saying “that is my favorite chef”. They were referring to me. And i was gettting tired, but when i heard taht i perked up. Then zoom, i made so many grilled cheeses that looked really good for the next 10 minutes. That i wasn’t behind anymore. I try working with a cheerful heart, and i think it shows. Most of the time, while i’m working there, worship songs come to my head. So i start moving to the beat inside my head.

Run because walking is too slow .

I also was watching the warriors game. Now i want to play some b-ball, buti have to do m ymath homework

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