asdfasdasdfasd. I figured out how to fix my blog, it isn’t looking ugly now. Now I have to figure out how to survive phsyics. I’m goign to have to unleash the beast, and tap into the fox now. I can’t afford any mistakes.



i’ll blog again

don’t worry, i’m working on the layout. Well, school has just been getting to me, sacking me many times. I’ll get this page done. And i’ll blog again tomorrow




I offended a supervisor at work last week. =(. I don’t know why she was so offended. It was before i was working, and i was talking to my friend, and i took a bite of his food. Then today after work, my boss tells me that the supervisor was offended when i took a bite from some one else’s plate. ASDF. What is that? My friend didn’t mind. Just the supervisor. ASDF. That’s all i cna think. ASDF. Then ASDF physics is hard.

The worse thing about it is that i can’t get it out of my mind. Now i’m going to have nightmares about eating when i sleep. ASDF. I can’t talk about it anymore, i get riled up when i think about it.

I feel mad. I don’t know why, but i just do. I think i need to calm down. I”m getting on my own nerves.

My room looks awful. I have all my clothes folded, but still in my laundry hamper. Haha, i don’t know whien i’ll get to putting the clothes into the drawers. Then i have a lot of stuff lying on the ground, a lot of pieces of paper. I think i need to get a clipboard. To clip everythign to it.

ASDF. ASDFx3. I’m going to sleep. I need it. Let my subconcious mess around with my problems.

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