i’m blogging again, but i really don’t knwo what to say because i’m really tired. But I had a really great time at AACF, it brightened up my night.

Well, today was really cold. Extremely cold, and because i left my window open, i couldn’t wake up in the morning. I was freezing to death. Even at AACF, it felt as though the air conditioner was on.

I then went to the foundation to pick up my paycheck. Hmm, they have a weird way of paying. I’ve only gotten paid for the work i did from octorber 4-14.

So i get paid with a 2 week delay. Haha,

AACF we had games night after, we played telephone charade, some kind of acting thing, where we have to use all the words on a piece of paper, and something else. Haha, I forgot alreayd. I must be really tired.

I couldn’t belive i made so many easy mistakes on my statics quiz. It must have been because i ran out of time.


it’s cold

I woke up again today, and it’s freezing, and i am wearing a sweather. Cold Right now i’m just reminded of that cheer from the movie sugar and spice. Burr Burr it’s cold in here, somebody turn on the atmosphere … WEll, here is my plan for the day, I hope it works. Haha, i don’t have any more food left in my fridge, so i’m eating, cereal raw, w/o milk

11:00-12:00 statics
12:00-1:00 math
1:00-2:00 physics
2:00-5:00 free time to get groceires.
6:00-7:30 physics
7:30-10:00 fortran.

I don’t know if i will stay on schedule, but i will try. +


wow, i feel so good today

I feel so good today. Wow, I feel so good today, that i wrote it 3x already. God has just blessed me with an overflowing amount of love right now. I’m like a fountain. i’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got joy like a fountain, i’ve got love like the mountains in my soul. Hallelujah. Yup that’s me today, I’m pumped, and I want to share some with you.

*Starts to dance, hip hop style*

so exciting isn’t it. life. Do you feel the storm, Andrew’s is getting his comeback ready.

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