at night i hear

I was going to sleep two nights ago. And it was late at night. As you know, at night, the sound level decibals outside drops dramatically compared to during the day. So I’m trying to sleep, and I hear this girl outside talking. There’s nothing wrong with that, its just that in my room, I can hear very clearly when someone talks right outside my window(which is closed).

Speaking of listening. I notice that when I’m going to sleep, my sense of hearing heightens. Everything becomes a little louder. So when I’m listening to the radio or watching tv. When I go lay my head down and close my eyes, the sound is much louder then when I’m sitting around. Actually, when i think about it. It must have something to do with the resonance. Becuase my head is laying down against the pillow, the bed might be extending the sound frequency, and make it sound louder. I’ll need to calculate that later.

Anyways, back to the girl talking outside. So this girl must have been drinking, and so was some guy. So the guy said “I’ll take you home”, and the girl said “I’m drunk, but I’m not that stupid, you can’t drive right now”. And the guy is telling her “its okay, I can drive”. And the girl tells him “No, you’re not going to drive me home, i’m not getting in the car”. Then she starts to cry and I think she walks back into the house because I don’t hear any noise. So I’m trying to sleep, but every 5 minutes i hear the guy walking out and the girl coming out saying “i’m not getting in that car”.

So, I was getting annoyed, if I had a car. I would have gotten up, walked outside and gave that girl a ride home. But I didn’t have a car, so I just stayed in bed, and eventually I fell asleep. I think it took me 50 minutes to fall asleep compared to my usual 2-3 minutes. I think my friends have talked to me, and didn’t say anything for 2 minutes, and when they restarted the conversation, I’m asleep.

What sucks living on my own is that I don’t buy a great variety of food. Why? because it takes too long to prepare so much. And I’m only eating for one. So usually each day I eat the same thing for lunch and dinner (especially on the weekends). Then for hte whole week I might have the same thing, becuase i cook around 2 days worth of food.

So I’ve been spending a lot of my time not playing video games, but drawing animations. I have a little bit of the animation done rigth here.

And lately, my roommate and I have started watching that show “viking” on espn2. Its funny to watch the people do those tricks. It reminds me of MXC and American Gladiator (without hte gladiators).

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