its morning

I’m not sure if i’m a morning person sometimes. But I think it depends on how late i go to sleep also. And as long as I get my 9 hours of sleep I’m okay. But if I don’t get my 9 hours of sleep, which i usually don’t this quarter, I seem to be groggy more. I think I need my mom’s skill of just waking up at 5am. But I can’t. So I have to do the stare jump hop skip bounce thing to get awake. Wake up, pop up from my bed and just sit there staring for a few minutes, then I have to push myself off the bed. Jump to the restroom, and wash up and then hop into my clothes, and skip out the door (Doing all this in 10 minutes). That seems to be the best way for me to wakeup.

So I did it this morning at 6:45am. And I was out the door by 6:55am to arrive at class just before the test started at 7:10am. And it was rainy today, but i don’t the test was too hard. It was just long and I kind of forgot what to do on the last problem. And nobody is online either.

Let’s see if there is anything interesting happening. Well, I think one of my lab partners has turned narcoleptic. That guy is running on barely anything this quarter. I think he gets around 3-4 hours of sleep a night. 2am-5am. So while we are talking about our project he just falls asleep listening. Its really funny. And that’s what he’s been telling us. He just randomly falls asleep.

I think my roommates are boring just like me, except for Marc (he’s cool). Because my freshman roommate only likes to play WoW and eat pizza. And my other roommate is “not fun”, becuase he doesn’t like to play games, only likes to do work. And he looks at me funny when I draw with crayons, ( I was drawing stuff in kid like form for a project). When I draw like a kid I just grab the crayon i draw it with my whole fist to give the kidlike look.

Finally, I’m not sure if I wrote about this. But I think when I have time, I’ll go buy 2 bags of gummy bears and take out a certain color. Throw it into a pot that is inside another pot of boiling water. Melt that one color gummy bear. Make another mold, and then pour the melted gummy bear juice into the new mold, and I should have a bigger gummy bear. Right now, theoretically, I think it should work. Practically and for savory purposes, I’m not sure.

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