time goes somewhere

For some reason this quarter. I thought I would have more free time, but somehow I seem to not have it. This free time I thought I had is never there. Its the end week 4, but it feels like week 9 for me. Projects here, and there. I think that’s why I haven’t really had a chance to meet up with any of my friends.

I don’t really have much time to play, so I try to combine all my activities into one game. That way I can maximize the aspects. So after class, I always race my roommate home. Currently, I’m winning 15-0. He rides his bike home from class, while I just walk. The reason I’m winning is because i haven’t told him we are racing. So he takes his sweet time after class to walk the other way to his bike. =).

Then I was tormenting my roommate today… So to speak. Lets say, because of me… in a manner of speaking… he went to sleep at 7 am. Its because I had downloaded those epiosdes of “the office” and battlestar galactica. And he got addicted to it and had to watch all the episodes in a row. And I think that’s the reason he hasn’t been able to wake up. When he does wake up he has to watch the rest of the episodes.

Today in the morning, I saw him walk back into the closet from taking a shower ( i was going to make breakfast). So I decided to just stand in front of his door. I made some food, and just sat in front of his door eating. So when he opened the door he went “what the !@#@!#!@$!@$!” because I was standing there eating and staring at him. Then I walked away without saying a word.

I think my freshie roommate has now developed the dominos pizza guy scent. For some reason, he can hear a knock on the front door from his room with his door close. And our front door is downstairs in front of my room. Then you have to walk upstairs and go to the other side of the building to hear it. But for some reason he can hear it. I think its because his stomach feels hungry.

I think i’m turning into my roommate marc. Or my roommate marc is turning into me. But either way, we seem to watch the same shows, and like to not do much except sit around and watch sports. I’m watiing for a nice day to play baseball, because right now, I just wear my batting gloves around to keep my hands warm.

Sometimes, I wished I looked more menacing and like a giant wall. Why, because I wonder it’s like to walk around and have people fear me. Because when I stand up for myself, people know I’m too nice of a guy to follow through with my threat. They usually go “Andrew, you’re too nice of a guy”, and then they pat my head, and we go on as if nothing ever happened. Maybe if I didn’t shave for 3 weeks, I’ll look a little grungy and I can go .

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