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I’m finally getting good at industrial manufacturing. I finished most of my project yesterday, with all the soldering. And my spray painting is 100% better than before. My paint dries faster because I put on a smaller coat. So it isn’t peeling like before. And my cuts are sharper. I made some extra holes that aren’t suppose to be on my board. so I’m going to go to the dollar store tomorrow and pick up some random stickers and junk. And cover those holes.

So, I got a chance to take a look at the subwoofer I built with Evan. It was currently in his car, so we took a spin in his car. And it is sharp, and crisp. It hits the bass note and stops when the note stops right at the start. We played some rock music like Jet, and you could hear the bass player picking the notes. Then we put in bass mechanics, and then some kind of subwoofer tester. And I think we turned up the volume on his deck to 40/60 and with the bass tester going, it felt like I was in an airplane with the change in air pressure in my ear. And the tester noise kept on going lower and lower, eventually we had to turn it off because our ears started to hurt.

Finally, it looks like I can start doing stuff for supermileage. We are going to get most of our stuff next week.

What’s the best part of being an Mechanical Engineering. Its getting to build stuff for class. But besides the point, in my IME lab, around half the class are 4th, 5th year mechanical engineering students. So we play around in class all the time. So we had open lab yesterday. And we had a sing-a-long in the lab while soldering. Some guy was trying to sing all funny songs. So he sang “A Boy Named Sue” by johnny cash, and then some dennis leary,and then other ones. We had the “day-o” song going except we were using the word “Diode” instead. Then john jacob jingleheimerschmidt. That’s how all the ME’s at calpoly do the labs, we joke around and keep it light. And we were doing jr high jokes like

“why did the monkey fall out of the tree”
ans: because it died

“Why did the 2nd monkey fall out of the tree”
ans: monkey see monkey do

And some guy in my ime class had to buy some new parts for his project because his pet ferret took it and hid it.

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