I’m never going to drink an energy drink late

So yesterday, I went to class, and I was really tired. I have acoustic class at 5pm on friday afternoons (so i don’t have time to take a nap). So I go to class and I am kind of making it thought, but i’m really tired. Anyways, I have to go with Evan to one of our classmate’s house to test out the speakers. I drink a bottle of NOS energy drink. I don’t really get a jolt of energy, but I’m not as tired later. I think i drank it at 6pm, and I only had 5 hours of sleep on friday. But anyway, we eventually finish testing the drivers. And I go back to my place, and I just sit around playing video games. Eventually, it becomes 6am, and I’m still not sleepy, (during that time. I watched 6 cartoon episodes, 3 of them were repeats from earlier in the night).

The moral of that story is to not drink energy drinks late at night unless you plan on staying up for a long long time.

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