power update

Okay this will be a meaty update I hope. So here it goes. So I finally got pictures of the subwoofer that was built. And I really don’t have time to upload them, so I just uploaded one picture. And I hope you can imagine the rest.

picture of the final product without lid on.

Okay, I changed my mind
well, here’s another one


cutting wood.

so bascially that’s what we did. We did a lot of cutting of angles, and we made a circular plate near the last turn on the horn to smooth out the sound.

Then there was the AACF surprise Sister Appreciation Night.
It was very surprising even. I think Alby thought it up the night before or around that time because I got the e-mail. So the plan was to say that are regular meeting place was double booked. Becuase that usually happens once or twice a year. So we would move it to CMC (church). So I think at around 4:00 I was at CMC helping set up the place. And then we locked it. So when all the girls game, we made them stay outside by saying “we don’t have the keys to get in, so we are waiting for someone.” even though Alby had the key the whole entire time. So we waited until all hte girls got there, and then we went in.

That was the whole plan right there. We made the girls some potpourri glass bottles?. and had an ice cream buffet after the meeting (even though it was kind of cold). I also baked some brownies. I’m not sure what I did, but the brownies came out really good. I made two batches of brownies, one was in the shape of a heart while the other one was just square. While we were setting up, I think we ate half of the square one. It was that good.

For the heart shaped one. I used up all the rest of my alumnium foil to make the mold. I took a 3 feet long roll of aluminum and folded it(actually i just squished it down to make a long 1/2 inch thick stripe of foil. It was strong enough (i hoped ) to keep the brownie in place, and then i wrapped foil around it. It turned out really good.

What was interesting, since we were planning the sister’s appreciation thing on the fly, all the guys that were setting up were really hungry. So we ate a lot of ice cream, and it didn’t really make us full. So we eventually ate at denny’s. And the people next to us were rowdy. I think a guy smacked his head against the wall, and the manager came out and told them to not horseplay. (it was around 11:30pm).

Oh, and also, I have decided to stop working at the school cafteria, because it was not “fun” anymore, I didn’t really care about working there. I’ve been too busy with other projects and stuff. So I decided it would be best if i stopped working.

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