waiting around

I was sitting around today hoping to get a call from the company. But nothing came, my dad said “most companies don’t make decisions in one day,” so i’ll hope they call tomorrow. My only real worry, is that the other Cal Poly student blows them away. Because I happened to have the right things that day. I picked up some random lab to show them, and it happened to be something that they do everyday. Exactly what they did.

So I did gardening today, I sat out in the lawn and started watering it. I then got some water on the walkway to my house. And it went into the cracks. I didn’t think too much of it, and put my hose down and went to my backyard. I them come back five minutes later, and i see hundreds of ants walking on the hose and crossing the walkway to the soil on the other side. Hundreds of them were carrying food to the other side. Like a giant evacuation, I saw the male ants and guard ants walking aroudn the outside. There were so many ants on the hose that I couldn’t pick it up. So then I ran and got a bucket, and then washed all the ants away.

As I was running today, I ended up laying in the grass staring at the sky. It was so nice looking up, watching the clouds move by. I wish I could somehow paint the top of my room sky blue, and somehow have clouds randomly float around.

After watching Batman Begins, I felt motivated to do some workout. So i ran to the kids playground near my house. In my mine i renamed it the batman obstacle course. So i went to the monkey bars and hung upside down trying to do situps. I did 2, then my back and legs started to feel awkward. So I got off. I then practiced jumping from the swing. If only i had batman’s cape, I might have looked cooler while i flew off the swing.

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